◆ Earrings and earrings are a basic pair, but we sell from one that clearly states (1 piece) or << for one ear >>, so if you want a pair, please set the quantity to 2.

Instagram updated almost every dayThen, I will post the products I made and the products scheduled to be sold next time.

◆ We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that the item may be out of stock because the order is not confirmed when it is in the cart.

◆ We will fully deliver infection control measures to our customers.

Made in Japan.


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<About fitting images>
The item in the fitting image is a sample item, so the color and shape may differ slightly. Please refer to the size and image for reference.

<About product materials>
◆ About natural stones and colors ◆
The appearance of the product's color and texture may differ depending on the monitor or display you are viewing.

◆ White gold
White gold changes gold to white by mixing silver and palladium with gold.
It may turn pale gold due to deterioration over time.

◆ 14GF (gold filled)
Gold Filled is made of gold alloy (14 gold, 12 gold, etc.) with more than 1/20 of the total weight, and is also called gold-plated.
Unlike so-called gold plating, you can enjoy real gold and brilliance. There is a sense of quality and a calm shine.

Recently, it is also treated as a material for high quality jewelry by brands and manufacturers.
There is almost no worry about discoloration over time like gold plating.

However, metals oxidize and are vulnerable to water, so regular care will keep them shining longer.

◆ Sterling Silver925
Sterling silver is a silver alloy cast with a silver content of 92.5% or more and a split of less than 7.5%. Sterling silver is called "Silver 925" or "925 sterling" because of its silver content, and is engraved with "SV925", "925", "STERLING", "SILVER925", etc.
Silver with a purity of 99.99% of silver alloy is called "silver" or "sara", but sterling silver is very soft and difficult to process and maintain its shape, so silver alloy is cast for the purpose of increasing strength and making it easier to process. It has been.

・ If you have a metal allergy or an abnormality on your skin, remove the product and consult a specialist.
・ Because the product has sharp points, be sure to remove it as it may cause injury if you hold a heavy object or exercise vigorously.
・ Since the product is small, it may be accidentally swallowed by the baby, so keep it out of the reach of the baby.
・ We are not responsible for any accidents or damages caused by using our products, or damages caused by usage other than the intended purpose. Please note that.