K18 Moodチャーム ラウンドネックレス

チャームサイズ 約11×8mm 厚さ約0.9mm
チェーン長さ サイズ 

S チェーン長さ約38cm(約35cmに調整輪がついています) 

M チェーン長さ約40cm(約37cmに調整輪がついています) 



If you wish to insert characters
Please enter the number in the remarks column.
1.Every day is a new day.
(Anyway, every day is a new day. Hemingway)

2.Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
(Love your life. Live your loved life. Bob Marley)

3.Peace begins with a smile.
(Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa)

4.All is well.
(Everything is going well.)

5.Appreciate the moment.
(Thanks for this moment.)

6.If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can.
(There is no choice but to do.)

7.Persistence pays off.
(Continuation is power)

8.Spread your wings.
(Let's spread the wings)



11. In addition, please specify your favorite alphabet or spelling from 1 to 20 characters.
Even one character is about 2 mm in size.

* Up to 10 characters can be engraved on the back side.
If you wish, please specify "back side request".
(In addition, there is a separate SUNBLUE BIANCA stamp on the back side)

* Because it is a delicate product, please handle it with care.
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Chain length
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